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Change Management

Svensen Neighbour Recruiting recognizes it is difficult for remaining employees to process everything from a mass layoff to the transition of a single employee. This can cause feelings of mistrust and uneasiness amongst remaining employees. To assist in mitigating these concerns, our consultants work with your organization to develop a change management plan ensuring extensive thought and consideration is put into how the transition will affect each stakeholder group.


Retirement Planning

Svensen Neighbour Recruiting provides group retirement sessions featuring industry experts who provide advice on the importance of planning for retirement. Topics include – financial planning, health and wellness, leisure activities, and family life.

Our consultants work with your organization to recognize the importance of keeping in contact with retired staff. Retired employees are an excellent resource for both the knowledge and passion they share for the organization. Retirees can help fill a temporary vacancy or provide assistance with training and small projects. Our consultants work with your organization to develop a plan on how to maximize your engagement with retirees.